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 Weekly Live Membership Classes! 

Through years of dedicated spiritual practice and profound realizations, I've honed the art of creating a sacred space, and assisting others on their transformative journey.

With authenticity, Grace, and direct energy work infused with light and divine love, I empower individuals to awaken their Lifeforce energy, unlocking their inner Aliveness.


My vision is to create a nurturing container, where each person can forge a tangible connection with the Source energy,

experiencing the profound sense of homecoming.

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Join Diana's weekly live online classes to explore a deeper connection with Source Energy. Begin your expansion and journey towards a liberated life, filled with connection, love, and divine essence.


What is included in membership:


Consciousness Expansion Sittings ​

Duration: 30 minutes

Focus: Silent Meditation & Energy Transmission

When: Monday & Wednesday

Time: 9 pm Irish time

Energetic Activation Session

Duration: 1.30 hour

Focus: Lifeforce Activation & Connection to the Field

When: Thursday

Time: 8 pm Irish time

 1 Recording of Consciousness Expansion Sitting:
Available on demand.

1 Recording of Energy Activation Session:
Available on demand.

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