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Aliveness: Kundalini Activation - A Deep Spiritual Process of Transformation and Awakening


With years of spiritual practice and profound realizations, Diana creates a space to help others awaken their Kundalini energy and expand their consciousness through her authentic, graceful and direct energy work infused with light and divine love.

My Vision

My vision is to empower people, to assist them with their own journey of remembering their inner Aliveness. To support and guide in connecting with Life Itself, with Grace, Higher Power, or whatever name you wish to call it.

Helping others to remember the home feeling.

And the home that we are looking for is at our fingertips, we just need to reach a little further within…

What I can help you with

I am here to help you awaken your Lifeforce energy, Kundalini.

To create a container where you can build a tangible connection with the Source energy. 

To support you in your awakening and expansion of your consciousness, guiding you deeper into the realization of your true nature.

Let’s Go Deep

Tel: +353867345992

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