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AKA Facilitator Project

A few years back I felt a deep calling to share this powerful work with others through facilitation trainings. However, as my spiritual journey evolved and matured, it became clear that these trainings were no longer in alignment with me and my path.


I have since shifted towards work that is focused on building a unique relationship with Kundalini, the genuine growth and awakening of individuals through supported containers and profound energy work.

The AKA facilitator project was alive from April 2022 to March 2024. Many dedicated facilitators continue to offer classes under the AKA Project, and I remain involved as well.

Some have created new projects based on the Kundalini Activation energy I initiated with.

Here are some memories from our AKA trainings.

15th-18th April 2022 Ireland

Paulo Dias, Atiana, Narah Wilder

2nd-5th of June 2022 Ireland

Leanne Forgaty

27th-30th August 2022, Portugal

Rebecca Jax, Sofia Pais, Klaudia Moron, Madi

2nd-5th March 2023, Poland

Monika Schmidt, Margo Kito, Natalia, Beata Gozek, Izabela

7th-10th June 2022, Poland

Honorata Fudali, Madi, Aneta Kaczorowska, Gosia Orlicka

16th-19th July 2022 Ireland

Shama, Milica Maric, Julija Green, Elina Everte, Luriane Labrure,

2nd-5th February 2023, Portugal

Ruth, Anja Tavcar, Shauna Sweeney, Evelyn Accoto, Krishna Chaudhuri, Joanne Smallwood, Srinivasan

29th-2nd July 2023, Portugal

Sofia Galamba, Regina Zarubina, Piotr Bielewicz, Audrey Foley, Rosa Kelly, Ana Smyth, Tatiana, Aave Aleksejeva, Fiona White, Lucia Fichter

7th-1oth September 2023, Poland

Aleksandra Waga, Marina Simon, Natalia Kowalczyk, Ula Izak, Magda Jankowska, Dorota Kotlarz, Małgorzata Wróbel

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