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Aliveness Kundalini Activation

Facilitator Training

Recently a deep opening happened inside of me and I feel called to share this Divine Energy and process with those who desire to hold the space to others.
This is an invitation for those who seek a deeper understanding and connection to your Essence.

To resonate in the frequency of light, truth and authenticity.
This is a proposal to investigate deeper levels of existence by using

Lifeforce Energy as catalysts for the evolution of our consciousness.
The path of embodiment, empowerment & inspiration.

To embody how to be truly alive and to ignite the aliveness in others.


Upcoming Facilitator Training

4 intensive days of transmission & activation are designed to immerse you to become a conductor/catalyst for the Lifeforce/Kundalini Energy.

A profound transformative event for your own spiritual growth.

Followed by 6 months of monthly online gatherings.

16th-19th July, Kilcock co. Kildare, Ireland