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Important Update: Future Facilitation Programs

Thank you for your interest and dedication to exploring and understanding the energy I work with. As I reflect on my journey, I sense a shift in the journey, prompting a pause in offering facilitator training programs. However, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to immerse yourself more profoundly in this energy through regular sessions, intensives, and retreats.

The path to truly knowing and embodying this energy involves soaking in its frequency, allowing it to permeate your being. As you engage more deeply and intimately with this energy, profound openings will naturally occur, unveiling its gifts to you. While there might not be facilitator trainings in the upcoming months, please understand that fostering a deeper relationship with the process and Source energy is paramount.

Consider this process akin to falling deeply in love. The most authentic expressions about a beloved come from a place of profound connection and intimacy. Similarly, by anchoring yourself in this energy, you'll naturally express its essence from the depths of your heart.

The beauty in sharing this energy lies in the depth of our connection to it. By nurturing a profound relationship with this energy, we pave the way for a more beautiful and genuine sharing experience in the future.

I believe that, in time, when your connection to this energy is deeply rooted and sincere, opportunities for sharing and amplifying its essence will naturally unfold. Let's continue to foster this connection together, allowing it to blossom within you so that, when the time is right, your sharing will be an authentic expression of your heartfelt connection.

My decision is also influenced by seeing how many are treating facilitation merely as a business endeavor. For me, this frequency holds an incredibly deep and sacred place in my life, and I can't align with the current trend. However, I'm certain that my path will lead me to individuals with whom I'll feel an instinctive pull to share this work in a profound way, guiding and mentoring them.

If there's that special connection, that unique chemistry between a student and myself, it'll unfold naturally. I have faith that these connections will blossom into something beautiful, fostering a deep understanding and mutual growth within this sacred journey.

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