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Welcome to this journey of remembering your innate aliveness.


With me, Diana, as your guide, listen to your calling and immerse yourself in the passage of discovering the spirit. Begin a journey of awakening and stirring - through the medium of our embodied connection towards our innermost truth and purpose. 


I will gently lead you in recalling how to live your life to the fullest - and in the retrieving - of who you truly are. 


Aliveness Kundalini Activation is a journey of going beyond all that you think you knew - opening powerful portals of recreating yourself in alignment with your higher calling. 


This process is MY deepest calling and I am so honoured to be able to share and hold space for YOUR absolute potential with this transformative process - and your journey within.


Aliveness Kundalini Activation is primarily predestined for spiritual maturing and advancing the process of self-development. 


The Aliveness Kundalini Activation  - has the power to evoke, amplify and support the integration of your own powerful life force energy - initiating growth that with continued sessions over time will expand and advance. 

It is inspiring to hear of so many reports from journeys that profound transformations post their Aliveness Kundalini Activation.


It is vital that the work is approached from a zero-point perspective and in a state of absolutely no expectations or goals. 


This activation only rises in the moment of the here and now - the requirement is to fully surrender to these inherent channels of evolution. 


In this altered state of consciousness, sustained by our embodied connection and the fluidity of our life force emanating through all of our nadis - our true self is given recognition. 


Through awakening this life force within - we begin our returning

-to the source- to the somatic knowing of our instinctual embodiment and all its capabilities and potentiality.

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 This is when ... you meet the mysticism of the body, soul, and spirit.

In the deep presence to your body and with the chattering of the mind quietened -  the activation of kundalini energy will start a circuitous flow of life force - along the energetic meridians of the body. 


When we trust the innate wisdom of the body and surrender to the fluidity of our kundalini energy - uncensored and unfiltered - we begin to expand in consciousness and in embodiment towards our unique and vast potential. 


These activations can unlock portals to higher states of awareness often accompanied by kriyas or spontaneous movements.


Aliveness Kundalini Activation is often experienced as a transcendental experience, a reclaimed feeling of being boundless and mystically connected to something greater than you.


Whatever name you may choose to call it - Universe, Nature, Pachmama, God, Source, Self  and however you choose to understand it with your intellectual mind - the sheer power of cognizing this interconnectedness of all - is undeniably life changing. 


Having listened to feedback from people that have journeyed with me - it is evident that these profoundly transcendental experiences can lead to deep and lasting inner transformations which inspire us to make the meaningful changes that are often so necessary in our lives. ​

Take a minute…

… and picture a new reality, freed from stricture, freed from limitation, freed from conformity. 

You hold boundless power and dynamism - when you connect with your life force energy and welcome it into your life, with open arms.


You deserve it! 

Your motivation to affect positive change will not remain limited to yourself either, as the people in your life will also notice this newly reclaimed energy within you.

The journey you are on will now have many more paths for you to explore as you connect deeply and embody your unfeigned self. 

Through the unhealthy conditions that pervade our society and culture, we have in turn created  habitual debilitating cycles and have become misaligned with our truth to varying degrees. 

We must return to our native source and come face to face with our honest identity within, untethered from the societal weights that hinder our enlightenment and maturation. 

As our world is rapidly transforming, so too must our approach - Aliveness Kundalini Activation has the ability to cast a renewed vision within and rebalance your inner harmonics - to utilise within new situations that we experience, encounter and create.

Aliveness Kundalini Activation is available to bodies in need of energetic rejuvenation - entering this process with the guidance of your devotion  - we create the possibility to address the very dissonance we encounter in our daily lives. 


What we are becoming is revolutionary. 

Unshakeable peace and … clarity


Do you ever get the feeling you are running a repetitive loop day after day? 


Habitual behaviour impacts our brain’s neural network, imprinting a familiar pattern which we are prone to lapse into at any moment if we lose awareness. 


We must try to remember that on average we are only aware of a small fraction of our thought process with a considerable majority of our thoughts taking shape outside of our awareness in the subconscious mind. 


When we allow ourselves to surrender to our wholeness we begin to integrate the subconscious into our awareness. 


Through this process, we can achieve clarity for what we truly need in our lives and also receive clarity for what no longer serves us on our journey. 


This discovery is the very essence of self-actualisation, becoming the frequencies that enrich and sustain our path to a more enlightened way of life.

Have more energy than ever before.


As the blockages inhibiting your destined path can be released through the Aliveness Kundalini Activation, you will almost immediately notice how your energy will begin to flow differently within you. 


Having experienced these powerful transmissions, the extra cautious and overly inner critical voices which often keep us desensitized and sedated - will often become less influential. 


Witnessing even the slightest glimpse of your incredible potential is quite a profound thing.


Aliveness Kundalini Activation can recharge you with a newfound weightlessness and in addition have the potential to free you from the constraints you may have placed on yourself all your life.


Delving into the process through Aliveness Kundalini Activation can transform you - you may begin to channel your true desires and reinforce a reassuring newfound surrender and trust in life.


Yesterday’s regret becomes an experience, tomorrow’s dread becomes an opportunity. 


When the energy within you is unimpeded - you may be drawn to motivate and inspire people in your life with your unique resonance when the time is right.

Consciously, you can now turn your attention to affirmations that promote your true destiny.


Are you curious if it is conceivable to journey through an Aliveness Kundalini Activation remotely,  via the internet as a medium?

 Absolutely, yes! 

Usually, in our limited perception of reality, we consider distance and location as mundane absolutes. Yet theories now suggest that at the most fundamental level the universe is non-local - concepts such as place and distance cease to be relevant at the quantum level. The transmission and transference of energy that I share through Aliveness Kundalini Activation - is undeniably not limited to this standard perception of place and distance - it moves through us, and beyond all.

But that is not all…..

When we begin to enter a state of relaxation and achieve a clearance of the incessant chattering of our minds - we become fully present to this very moment - a state of pure embodiment awakens  - a self-activation of our own vital life force energy - rising up through our energetic pathways…..

The feedback from so many participants of Aliveness Kundalini Activation online classes - is both beautiful and mind blowing - because so many of you report that the magnitude and the depth of the activation are on par with the in-person class. 

This means that this incredible living experience is open to anyone who desires it regardless of their location in the world! Online classes are opportunities for a dynamic and vital opening - so you can experience Aliveness Kundalini Activation from the comfort of your home.


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