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Kundalini – The Divine within

The process of Kundalini Activation is a journey of releasing, healing and gradually preparing the system for an event of Kundalini awakening. The Kundalini activations make the energy body, emotional body and our mind clear and strong to uphold the intensity of the incredible force within. With fewer blockages in our system, the Kundalini energy can move through your main channel with more ease, making the process more blissful and loving. It is important to remember that the awakening of Kundalini cannot be forced, and the process can’t be fast-forwarded.

The Divine within, Kundalini Shakti, which is known by many names and is revered as the Holy Spirit at the core of every human soul. This sacred inner presence drives and empowers our striving and longings for spiritual attainment. Once released, Kundalini Shakti progresses through discernible stages of spiritual development and culminates in Self-Realization

Many in an active process of spiritual awakening report altered states of consciousness, mystical experiences, psi phenomena, psychic ability, special powers, expanded awareness, gifts of the spirit. 

This sacred transformation has its desire to take place in every human being. Our yearning, devotion and willingness to surrender in order to engage in  the process is needed and these days more than ever before we are ready for this powerful divine force to transform us into our fullness.

The Kundalini Energy enhances spiritual development and can eventually result in enlightenment, samadhi, nirvana, liberation, and spiritual fulfilment. 


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