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Welcome to weekly Kundalini Activation Online classes.

Updated: Feb 16

Through years of dedicated spiritual practice and profound realizations, I have grown and deepened my ability to create a sacred space, assisting others on their transformative journey. With authenticity, Grace, and direct energy work infused with light and divine love,

I empower individuals to awaken their Kundalini energy, unlocking their inner aliveness.

My vision is to create a nurturing container, where each person can forge a tangible connection with the Source energy, experiencing a profound sense of homecoming.

My guidance and support pave the way for others to reconnect with Life Itself, the Higher Power that resonates within every being, regardless of the chosen name.

In this journey of remembrance and reconnection, I help others tap into the pulsation of

inner aliveness, rediscovering the essence of their true nature. With every step, I lead seekers deeper into the realms of awakening and expansion, unlocking the vast potential of their consciousness.

My mission is to ignite the divine spark within, allowing it to radiate with brilliance, illuminating the path to self-realization and spiritual fulfillment. Through my transformative energy work, I invite others to delve within, helping others to remember the home feeling.

And the home that we are looking for is at our fingertips, we just need to reach a little further within…

Depending on what is needed.

I will create a safe container where the energies are amplified and, in that space, depending on what your system needs the most, your Lifeforce energy will be activated. Your Lifeforce energy will start flowing through your energetic and physical body. A purification process takes place, serving as a foundation for your spiritual growth

The purification process varies for each individual, but it typically involves the release of various blockages, including:

  • emotional blockages,

  • traumas stored on the cellular level of our body,

  • stagnant energies,

  • subconsciously stored limited beliefs and patterns.

The beauty that accompanies each release directly mirrors our lives, for our internal state consistently reflects our external reality.

Release of blockages from your system will create:

  • a spaciness and increase of a natural flow of our vital force,

  • more clarity,

  • being more in control and less reactive to stressful situations,

  • new broader perception,

  • excitement to take aligned actions towards your dreams and goals,

  • commitment and energy to keep on the selected path,

  • more vitality,

  • becoming more conscious about ourselves, others, the environment and the collective,

  • connection to Source Energy/Spirit/Self,

  • bliss and expansion of your consciousness,

  • more compassion, kindness and a deeper understanding of life and others.

Depending on where you are on the journey, I will create a safe space without force but with allowance and acceptance of the innermost possibility. I will support the activation of your Lifeforce energy. Gradually, prepare your system for the awakening of your Kundalini energy. With fewer blockages in your system, the process can be softened, deeply blissful and very transformative. Kundalini Awakening will bring the possibility for your highest potential to manifest.

For those yearning to deeply explore the true nature of reality, I am here to facilitate the expansion of your consciousness. Through working with Light and Grace, in the presence of Divine Force, I approach this journey with utmost reverence and depth.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.



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